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​About us

Overseas property investment has become one of the main investment channels for Hong Kong people. However, due to the lack of information and investors' limited understanding of overseas laws and regulations, the originally stable investment medium has become a high-risk product.

The purpose of the establishment of the International Property Research Centre is to provide a professional information platform for customers who intend to buy properties overseas, introducing property information and precautions in different countries, and will also help customers choose high-quality properties that meet their conditions. Through our The international network is committed to searching for various properties that are stable and compliant with laws and regulations around the world, and to fully disclose useful information to customers.



很榮幸能與您分享我們的故事。在投資物業時,投資者可能會遇到許多問題,例如語言障礙和法律程序等。這些問題往往會讓投資者感到困惑和不安,甚至影響其投資決策。因此,我們成立了國際物業研究中心- IPRC,以為投資者提供一站式專業服務。







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